PGXLink PGM (PharmacoGenoMetabolomics)

Principal Investigator
Prof. Dr. med. Alexander Leichtle, Directorate of Teaching and Research and Department of Clinical Chemistry, Inselspital, University Hospital Bern.


Serious diseases and medical interventions, such as HIV infections, rheumatological diseases or organ transplants, require drugs that have a considerable influence on the patient's immune system. Especially with immuno-suppressants, anti-inflammatory, and antiretroviral drugs, the occurrence of infections has become a major problem, and often the dosage is a tightrope walk between e.g. rejection and infection. The PGXLink PGM (PharmacoGenoMetabolomics) project brings together different cohorts (e.g.: HIV cohort SHCS, rheumatism cohort SCQM, transplantation cohort STCS) and, on the basis of the infrastructure funded in the SNSF PGXLink project, allows both (pharmaco)genetic principles and their effects on drug metabolism to be investigated.