Bern Center for Precision Medicine (BCPM)

Projects: Young Investigators

The goal of this call was to support pilot projects lead by young investigators that would be the foundational for applying to other 3rd party funds. The funded projects are listed below. 

Topic: Radiotherapy

PROOF (PRecision dOsimetry in FLASH radiotherapy with Optical Fibers)

Pierluigi Casolaro

Topic: Neurology

Modelling LHX2-associated neurodevelopmental disorder in human brain organoids

Anne Gregor

Topic: Oncology

Towards translating hepatocellular carcinoma cellular interactions into biomarkers

Charlotte Ng

Topic: Gastroenterology

Targeting D-lactate producing gut microbial strains in pediatric IBD patients

Bahtiyar Yilmaz

Topic: Gastroenterology

Transcriptional recording sentinel cells as living diagnostics of the human gastrointestinal tract

Jakob Zimmermann